Hello Everyone,

My name is Tejas Rane based in Mumbai, India. I am a Computer Engineer by Profession.

In this Blog, I will be discussing about prominent phases of an individual life that revolves around Money, Technology, Education and Career.

Right from the school till we graduate, there are many things that society doesn’t teach you. Society limits the mindset of most of the people while schooling and graduating. Here Society means every infrastructure right from school, College, Family and Friends. Some of them teach you the valuable knowledge required to live your life to the fullest but some don’t. But as we graduate or as we mature, we come to know the reality of life.

There are many things that we aren’t aware of. For Example, Let’s take an example of the World’s Richest Persons.

  • Jeff Bezos | Amazon | $112 Billion
  • Bill Gates | Microsoft | $90 Billion
  • Warren Buffet | Berkshire Hathaway | $84 Billion

Ever Wondered, How did they get so rich? 

It’s because they thought of doing something different. Different than what ordinary people do or different than what society tells them to do.

Jeff Bezos started Amazon in a Garage. Bill Gates Dropped out of High School. Warren Buffet started Investing at the age of 15. They pursued their dreams and didn’t even looked back once, because they didn’t give a damn about anyone. They were focused. They were Ultra-Elites. You Can Be Too. If you know the other half of the reality that society doesn’t tell you.

So, In this Blog, I am going to try my best to give you the other half of the knowledge that society refrains talking about Or Should I say they don’t tell you this in Schools or Colleges.

I will be talking about Career Opportunities in different domains, Various Trending Technologies that are shaping the world( and you too), Entrepreneurship Stories that inspire us and Money Management Techniques that are important for living a balanced and healthy life.

So, Get ready for some real Interesting Stuff.

Also, Let Me know if you want me to cover any topic that you think its important. Fill up this form and let me know.