Best SEO Course On Udemy with over 3000 Positive Reviews

Best SEO Course On Udemy with over 3000 Positive Reviews

There’s a reason why this course is called the BEST SEO Course on Udemy. 

Let us see why!

If you ever wanted to learn SEO online which has high-quality content with optimal pricing, then this particular course on the web is the Best SEO Course On Udemy. Hands Down!

The name of this Course is SEO 2018: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites.

If you try to search for the term SEO on Udemy, you will notice how this course ranks number 1 on the search results.

best seo course on udemy

As you can see, this is Udemy’s best-selling SEO course with more than 4.4 ratings and 3,432 reviews.

I have completed this SEO training course and therefore I will be able to point out the highlights of this Course.

What Will I Learn in this Course?

Basically, you will learn everything from scratch. Even if you are a beginner, that’s fine. You can cope with this course very efficiently. If you are working on a WordPress Website, then this course will teach you the exact steps to rank your website higher on Google Search Engine.

The Most Important Factor in SEO is Keyword Research. This course will tell you the comprehensive keyword research technique along with tons of free tools and recommendations which you have never heard of.

SEO is such an Optimization Strategy that it gets updated from time to time. One day, Strategy A will work great and the other day you might want to check Strategy B. Therefore, this course also gets updated time to time a new SEO strategy comes into the market.

seo course update on udemy

As you can see in the above screenshot, the course gets updated from time to time. In April 2018, Pagespeed SEO v3.2 was updated to v3.3 in May 2018. So no need to worry about any new strategy that comes in the market. It will get updated here for sure.

For those who don’t know about SEO, there are two Optimization Techniques that are involved.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

This Course will take you in detail with both of these Optimization Techniques and I will tell you won’t be disappointed.

These are the contents that you can learn from this course and I believe these are some of the most important topics that SEO is built on.

  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • Technical Factors that are important for any website’s loading speed
  • How to improve loading time.
  • How to Improve UI/UX
  • Off-Page Optimization Techniques.
  • Negative SEO ( The SEO that you should not use)

If you follow the exact steps of this course, the instructor says you can rank your website on Page 1 on Google Search Results, provided you have consistency and patience.

Who all can do this Course?

There is no such definition for this. Anybody who wants to gain knowledge on SEO can do this.

  1. Those who want to start Blogging, it’s a must course. Because without SEO, you can’t go ahead in your Blogging Journey. SEO is the main factor that will be playing role in your Success.
  2. Freelancers who want to pursue freelance writing surely need SEO one day or another.
  3. Business Owners who want to create their own website would need knowledge about SEO because they will need their website to rank higher in Search Engines thereby increasing their sales or profit.
  4. SEO Jobs. Those who want to get a job in SEO related field, then this course is enough to crack any SEO interview.


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How is the Instructor?

If you go by the skill he possesses, it is unmatched.

He is Indian by Nationality and his accent is very easy to understand to anyone. Foreign Students prefer his accent over the native speaker’s accent due to his style. He teaches so fluently that any person can understand and grasp the things quickly.

Below you can see one of the reviews of the course, wherein the student applauds his work.

seo course review

Another Big Plus Point of the Instructor is that he responds to any problems with lightning speed. He has also been awarded “Lightning Responder” Batch by Udemy. So if you have any problems during the course, he will respond to it in less than 24 hours. He will solve all your doubts and also give you recommendations if you ask him.

For Example:- If you ask anything pertaining to your website and what improvement should be done, He will Help you right away.

What are the fees?

As this is one of the Best Seo Course on Udemy, you should not hesitate to give some money as the instructor gives the best quality teaching around the market.

The Fees is around $11. The Original Price is $179 but the price that is shown often on Udemy is $11.

If by chance you see $179, then just wait for a couple of days and then see back again it will be $11 back again. The pricing model depends on the instructor, so generally, in this course the fees are $11 all the time giving us 94% off on the Original Price, only to make more students enrol in this high-quality course for the optimal price. That’s the sole reason for it.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

What is the price of this course?

The fees is around $11. While the original price is $179, it frequently changes to $11. So you can check that anytime to buy for $11.

Who can do this course?

Everyone from Bloggers to Entrepreneurs, to those who want to upgrade their skillset or those want to change their careers in SEO.

Does the instructor responds fast to the queries?

Yes, the Instructor has been awarded as “Lightning Responder” by Udemy. So you can rely on it.

Is the course updated for 2019 and Beyond?

Yes, this SEO course is always updated for 2019 and Beyond.

My thoughts

My take on this course is that it teaches you from the scratch what SEO is and how to get along and optimize your WordPress Website for SEO. Also, it teaches you how to get higher ranking on Google Search Results by implementing the SEO factors described in the course.

If you are going for an Interview related to SEO, then this course might be very helpful to you. As this course goes into the technicalities of the SEO, which any Interviewer would generally ask.

As it has been termed the Best SEO Course On Udemy, there’s no compromise on the quality of the teaching nor the quantity of the course material. So it’s worth enrolling in this course and reap the benefits that the Instructor provides in this entire course duration.

Here’s the link to this course:- SEO 2018: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any query regarding this SEO course.

Tejas Rane

Tejas Rane is the Author of 7 Effective Job Search Strategies. His aim is to help Indian Youth Get Job Offers Through Smart Ways. A Digital Marketer by Profession, Computer Engineer & has a keen interest in Personal Finance. His Idol is Warren Buffet & Ray Dalio. Find him on Twitter( @tejas3732)