This Backlink Technique is still Untapped!

This Backlink Technique is still Untapped!

How many backlink techniques have you tried? You must have tried Email Outreach, Guest Blogging, Social Media Backlink, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting and much more.

In this short and quick guide, I am going to teach you couple of techniques that many of you must not have heard of.

So ready for this?

Let’s get started without a due…

#1. Wikipedia Broken Link/Citation Link Building Technique

You already know that getting a backlink from Wikipedia would boost your ranking by a huge margin. But Wikipedia dont’t give a dofollow backlink.

Well I am assuming you know what’s the difference between a dofollow and a nofollow backlink.

A dofollow link tells google bot to follow the link and pass the link juice & a nofollow link tells google bot crawler not to pass the link juice. 

Link juice simply means passing authority.

A dofollow backlink is high quality backlink. We must try as much as we can to acquire it. But that doesn’t mean nofollow backlinks are not important.

To look natural in the eyes of search Engines, we need a mixture of both the types of backlinks.

In this case, a nofollow backlink from Wikipedia would be a huge bonus. Even if it is a nofollow, but the amount of relevant traffic we get would be very useful.

So now the question arises, how to get a backlink from the world’s most famous site…

Here’s the procedure…

1.Go to Google and use the following search operator. [keyword] + “dead link” ( or use “citation needed”)

If your keyword is artificial intelligence, it will look something like this.

search operator to find dead link

Click on the results you see below and then head over to external links. You will find something like this.

dead link

Go to the page and see if it is showing 404 error. If it shows, you have a great opportunity to replace that page with your page. If I check the dead link, it really shows 404 error.

404 error

To make it more easy to find 404 error pages (broken links), you can activate the chrome extension Check my links.

It will show you all the valid and invalid links highlighted in different colors.

Here’s how it looks.

broken link on wikipedia

Check into the wayback machine how it looked before you start doing something.

You can create a new page or you can put your URL as an external link by Editing the Wikipedia Page. But you can’t just edit the wikipedia page and hope that your edit will get saved.

Wikipedia Editors will review the link and approve/disapprove your link.

You can describe your summary of changes here.


describe changes wikipedia

Put your new URL or relevant URL in the editor field and describe your changes and hit publish changes.

Just wait for a day or two to see if your changes have happened or not.

If yes, you just got a backlink from one of the most trusted website on the Internet.

Now if you dont want use Google Search Operators to find broken links on Wikipedia, take a look at this tool named WikiGrabber.

2. See which websites mention you or your brand and turn them into backlinks

Again go to the Google Search, type in this search operator and it will give all the results where websites have mentioned your keyword/brand name but not have hyperlinked to your website.

Let’s suppose your keyword is “xyzadventure resorts” and your site name is, so you need to search this way.

“xyzadventure resorts”

You would get a list of webpages on search results who may or may not have linked back to your site for the anchor text “xyzadventure resorts”

You would want to see the top 10-20 pages and see if they have linked back to you. If not, just contact the owner through Email Outreach and ask him to link back to you.

Most probably he will, because he already has mentioned your brand/blog, he just forgot to link back to you.


There’s a very high chance he will link back to you. While doing this also make sure DA/PA is relatively high, so that there is a greater chance for you to rank on Google.

Final Thoughts

These backlinking technique takes time but its a worthy process. Imagine getting a backlink from Wikipedia. Don’t you want it?

Off-Page Optimization for any website is always an important process in seo point of view. Without Off-page, you would find a hard time improving your ranking.

To improve your ranking, you can try these backlinking techniques and tap that opportunity you find to get links.

Let me know in the comment section below what do you think about this techniques and whether you would give it a try.

Tejas Rane

Tejas Rane is the Author of 7 Effective Job Search Strategies. His aim is to help Indian Youth Get Job Offers Through Smart Ways. A Digital Marketer by Profession, Computer Engineer & has a keen interest in Personal Finance. His Idol is Warren Buffet & Ray Dalio. Find him on Twitter( @tejas3732)