Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Be A Freelance Writer

Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Be A Freelance Writer

Many of the people are looking for alternative passive income sources. Freelance Writing is one of the most famous passive sources of revenue on the market. Many of them even have even turned themselves into a full-time freelance writer.

In this guide, I will tell you How to Become a Freelance Writer right from scratch.

There are numerous freelance writing jobs online But the question is how we are going to utilize that opportunity for ourselves.

This Guide is for them who want to be a Freelance Writer wanting to earn passive income.

Basically, there are two kinds of people.

  • Passionate about writing and don’t know how to start in freelancing.
  • Not passionate enough but want to earn money via freelance writing.

Many will argue that how one can become a freelance writer if one is not passionate enough to write in.  The argument is right. So here I am also going to tell you how to build that passion for writing and later on earn money via freelancing.

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Whether you want to start writing or blogging you need to have some kind of passion or should I say Interest on what you will be writing upon. Its okay if you are not passionate enough but you must be super interested in what you are writing.

How exactly to build that kind of passion or interest?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Look around you and observe what you like. Categorize them into topics in what would become your future interest for writing.

Let it be anything,

  • Politics, Law, Economics, Nationalism, Elections.
  • Technology, Engineering, Business, Start-ups.
  • Sports, Fitness, Health, Yoga, Medical.
  • Personal Finance, Trading, Investment, Passive Income.
  • Personal Development, Grooming, Cleanliness.
  • Science, Religion, Philosophy, Law of attraction.

To research any of your favourite topics and gain interest,


Watch Documentaries on youtube from some of the most interesting youtube channels.

I will recommend VICE, VICE NEWS, DW Documentary, BBC Stories, Astrobum, Best Documentary. These are some of the most interesting channels that you would definitely like.


Choosing the niche means to choose in what category or topic will you write upon. It can be multi-topic but you need to mention likewise when you build a portfolio (I will cover the portfolio part later in this post.)

Below is the screenshot of some of the services required by the clients on one of the freelancing websites.


freelance writing jobs posted on freelancer website
Client Requirements for Freelance Writing

As you can see in the image above, the need for the article is about Media website like Forbes, Cryptocurrency related articles, business, Parenting and Beauty, WordPress theme.

So the topics can vary from literally anything. You just have to grab hold of one particular niche and become expert in that. Let’s assume you are confident in Cryptocurrency. Just Filter results about Cryptocurrency and boom! You will get to see a range of jobs available for you.

Before Grabbing hold of one particular niche make sure you follow Step 1 mentioned above. If you are already passionate or have interest in your niche then no need to follow Step 1 or 2.


This is one of the most important steps in becoming a freelance writer. You need to learn SEO by hook or by crook so that your value increases and success ratio of you becoming a freelance writer increases.

What is SEO?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to optimize your website or any article so that it ranks higher on Google Search Result Pages (SERPs). SEO plays a very huge role for any company or business’s success.

Why does freelance writer need to learn SEO?

SEO is the need of any market as far as visibility of any company or business is concerned. By implementing SEO, you are basically improving the client’s website visibility on Google Search Result Pages.

Higher the ranking on Google search result page, higher is the traffic and thereby increased sales or profit.

Therefore, It is very important to learn SEO before you publish your portfolio to the freelancing world.


There are exceptions where there is no need to learn SEO. If you want to write articles on news websites or news agency. All they want is good content and the SEO work will be done by a different person. So it will depend on the requirements of the client.

But remember the competition in Freelancing world is very stiff. Many writers know SEO and thereby they increase the chances of getting the projects.

So, it’s better to learn SEO and get that important skill in your pocket.

Where can I learn SEO?

You can learn SEO online or offline depending on your choice. You can do offline by joining any institute that teaches SEO or there are many online courses available in the market.

Udemy is a great website to learn SEO. This particular course emphasises on SEO. I have done this course and believe me its worth it. Read the reviews for yourself and you will understand. It costs nearly 10$. The price of this course keeps on changing. It will be 173$ sometimes, but wait till the price reduces to 10$ and then buy it.

You can also learn from Youtube Tutorials or from Famous Blogs for free. Some of them are:-

Once you are done with SEO, next comes yet another important step of your journey to freelance writing- STARTING A BLOG


Starting your own Blog is one of the most important steps in freelance writing.


Because it increases your credibility as a writer and it increases your value when you put it onto a Portfolio.

The knowledge that you gained from learning SEO is going to be very useful when you start out a blog. Start the Blog keeping in mind the niche you will be working in, in the future of freelance writing.

Choose a domain name and search if it is available or not. Purchase your Domain name and Hosting to start out a blog.

My recommendation is to choose any one of this companies:-

Domain:- Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator.

I would personally recommend Namecheap. As the support is quite fast and I didn’t have any issues with them till now.

Hosting:- Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround.

These are the best hosting companies around the market. Personally, Bluehost and Siteground are the best. You can choose any of them for your hosting. Either you can choose the same company for the domain and host or you can choose different companies as per your choice.

If you choose different companies for the domain and hosting, you just need to do a one-time set up to link your nameservers to that particular hosting.

Once you are done with domain and hosting, start your blog with the niche you have decided and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to get initial traffic. Start networking with people who have a similar niche like you. Join Facebook groups and start interacting with them about your blog. Once you write proper SEO Optimized articles, your ranking will increase organically.


Apart from Starting out a blog, you can also start writing on Quora, Reddit, Forums and Medium. There you can build your own audience and build your own credibility as a writer.

Small Hack:- Type forum: your content in Google and start writing on it.

For Eg:- Your topic is finance, then type forum: finance.

Once you are done with this step we head on to the next step that is creating a portfolio.


Basically, Creating a Portfolio is nothing but showcasing your content to your future client. A portfolio can be:-

  • A link to your Blog.
  • A link to your Profile created on medium.com
  • Display Portfolio Page using WordPress plugin like Wp- Portfolio.

What you can do is Create a Portfolio Page on your Blog and Choose your best 5-6 articles and put it there or use WP-Portfolio plugin to do the work. A plugin would be better off to do your work. Then, you can either share that page link into your freelance writing website or just the blog link to get an idea of your writing capabilities.

But what if you have less content on your blog and still want to showcase your writing capability. So one of the ways to write articles is to do a GUEST POST.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post means writing the content on someone else’s Blog or Website.

Steps to do GUEST POST:-

  • Do a Google Search like this:- your topic + write for us ( Eg:- If your topic is education, then type education + write for us)
  • Read their rules regarding Guest Posting.
  • Make a Pitch. i.e Send an email to them requesting for a Blog Post. Be ready with some catchy titles and content.
  • Wait for the response, after you get accepted, write the guest post.

One of the benefits of writing a Guest Post is that you can display your bio beneath the article. So people come to know what you are doing and what your skills are. If they like your writing skills, they can contact you back.

One of the examples in this article. This is a Guest Post. Look how organized it is and you can see Author’s Bio at the end. That’s one important benefit of Guest Posting.


There are some terms that you need to be acquainted before you start your freelance writing career. They are:-

  • Article Rewriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Guest Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Report Writing
  • Technical Writing

These are some of the terms that you may come across in your freelance writing career. So I would recommend you to take a gist of these terms so that you get acquainted with it for your future.


Well, There are many websites for freelance writers to get started. There is stiff competition too for it, as many people are opting to become a freelance writer.

Therefore, It is necessary to know which option works the best and at what time. What I mean is that if you are a beginner then you may have to wait to get your account approval from these popular freelancing websites as there are thousands of accounts created daily.

So, if this happens, there are other sites that are easy to get accepted and the wait-time is almost negligible.

One plus point is that your portfolio gets updated from time to time when you get projects. So, it is kind of a win-win situation for you.

So I am listing some Popular websites( High Competition, High Pay) and Unpopular Websites ( Low Competition, Medium to High Pay).

Popular Freelance Websites for Writers.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour
  • Guru
  • IFreelance
  • OutSourcely
  • Problogger Job Board
  • Freelancer
  • Freelance Writing

Some Unpopular websites but Good for Beginners.

  • Scripted
  • TextBroker( Only for the US)
  • Clearvoice

Also Read:- An article that describes why Clearvoice is better than Upwork.

Now to get started with the projects, initially you should take projects at a low price because you want to gain more experience. As you start getting projects, you can increase your bids when you think its time.

You must also take care of the withdrawal options that are available with these freelancing websites. They are as follows:-

Payment options

UpworkDirect to US Bank
Direct to Local Bank
Wire Transfer
M-pesa (Kenya)

Fiverr Revenue Card
Bank Transfer
Direct Deposit(Only in US)
Bank Account
Direct Deposit (US Banks Only)
Wire Transfer (Non US Banks)
Check/Money Order
Providers Payment System
OutsourcelyDirect Communication with Client(Mostly Paypal)
ProBlogger JobsPaypal
FreelancerExpress Withdrawal (Bank)
Wire Transfer (Bank)
Freelancer Debit Card
ScriptedBank Account
Stripe Account


To be a freelance writer is an exciting journey altogether. If you choose your project and the client rightfully, you are your own boss.

Once you are good at something, eventually you will be an expert in that field and then no matter what client and project come across, you will do it happily thereafter. The amount of money that you can earn as a freelance writer is actually unlimited.

Let me know in the comment section below, how and when are you starting your freelance writing journey. I wish all the best for this wonderful journey.

Just Go for it!



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