7 Effective Job Search Strategies & How To Tackle Frustration During Job Search

10+ Actionable Lessons to Get Out From your Job Search Dilemma & Tackle Frustration During Job Search

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Are You Frustrated From Your Job Search?

❌ Frustrated Using Naukri & Indeed for Job Search ? 

❌ Taking too much time for getting the Interview Call? Are you becoming Impatient and Frustrated during this period?

❌ Traditional Methods from Indeed and Naukri doesn’t work or has low-quality Job Offers.

❌ Feels Tiring Isn’t it, When Nothing seems to be working! 

❌ Rejections, Low-Quality Job Offers, Frustration, Impatience and much more.


There is a solution. I have written a Comprehensive Job Search Guide For You. This Guide is enough to get you a Job in less than 7 Days.

✅ I will explain to you the exact strategies I used to get more than 40+ Interview Calls [High-Quality Job Offers ]

✅ With the help of LinkedIn and 7 Other Job Search Strategies, I explain in this Ebook, You will be able to Search and Secure Interview Calls quickly.

✅ I have also included many Free Resources for Skill Development so that you don’t miss on that as well. 

✅ Lastly, I have included a Bonus Chapter On How to Optimize Your Resume for ATS. You Shouldn’t Miss That Out!

Here's What You Get In The E-Book

You can download the PDF copy of this Ebook Instantly and can read on any device ( Mobile, Tablet or Desktop)

How To Use LinkedIn For Job Search

Using LinkedIn, I was able to get 40+ Interview Calls and you can too. Learn LinkedIn Strategies and Make Useful Connections for your Professional Life.

7+ Free Resources for Skill Development

Develop your Skills & Improve Your Chance of getting Hired by Using this Free Resources. Bonus:- [ Get Udemy Paid Courses for Free ].

Use Simple Google Search Job Box to Find Trending Jobs

Google Job Search is untapped power To Search Relevant Jobs. Hardly anyone uses this.

20+ Actionable Steps To Tackle Frustration During Job Search

Job Search is an Extremely Draining Process. Tackle Frustration By Applying 20+ Actionable Steps!

Learn How To Use Angel List To Get Your First Start Up Job!

Angel List is a Startup Job Search Engine. 34,000+ Startup Jobs. Use Angel List to Get Your First Startup Job.

How to Optimize Your Resume For ATS

ATS is a New Age Recruitment Trend. Extremely Crucial. In this Chapter, You will Learn To Optimize Your Resume for ATS.

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Job Search Strategies
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Actionable Steps to Tackle Frustration
Free resources for skill development
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potential startup & mnc jobs

What Job Seekers say?

This Ebook is an Absolute Gem for all the Job Seekers Out there. I was really frustrated by doing continuous Job Search and came Across this Book. I followed some of the strategies this book mentioned and I was blown away by the opportunities we have outside. I don't usually read books, but this one really helped me
-Anshuj Dwivedi
I Bought This Book After Reading a great answer on Quora. This book has some nice actionable steps for all the job seekers. One thing I also liked that Hack to get Paid Udemy Courses for Free. Used some paid courses. This book is a must for all Job Seekers. I don't know why not many people are talking about this book. A must for all Indian Job Seekers
-Lokesh Soni

Book Contents

In This Topic You Will Learn,

  • How to Build Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Employers
  • How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search [ 2 Approach ]
  • People You Can Follow to Increase Your Chances To Get Hired

In this Topic You Will Learn,

  • How You can properly Utilize Google Job Search.
  • How to Get Local Jobs By a Simple Search Query.
  • How to Get Fresh, Relevant Jobs That No one has Applied Yet.
  • Strategy To Connect Directly With the Employer.

You will Learn,

  • How to Use Angel List To Get Your First Startup Job.
  • Potential 34,000+ Startup Jobs Available.
  • How To Reach Out To Target Employers.

You will learn,

  • How to get a Job from Facebook Groups.
  • How to Find a Proper FB Group and then make a connection with your Target Employer.
  • 7+ Awesome FB Groups to Get a Job.


  • Learn How You can use this forum to get a High Paying Job, even from outside countries.
  • 5+ Sub Reddits That has lot of Job offerings, career advice, Employment Tips and much more.

You will learn,

  • How You Can Get a Remote Job [ Work From Home ]
  • All Types of Remote Jobs Available.

You will get,

  • A Simple Hack To Get Paid Udemy Courses For Free.
  • Actionable Resources for Skill Development that Will Help You Get That Job offer
  • 29+ Ultimate Curated List of Websites for Improving Your Skillset.
  • Actionable Steps to Tackle Frustration During Job Search
  • How to Stay Patient During Job Search Process
  • How To Deal Rejection in 4 Steps

This Bonus Chapter Includes,

  • How to Optimize Your Resume for ATS.
  • How to Beat ATS and Get that Job.
  • 20 Actionable Tips to Optimize Your Resume for ATS.
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