How To Rank For Keywords Over Million Searches Without A Website!

How To Rank For Keywords Over Million Searches Without A Website!

SEO is becoming competitive day by day. According to Moz, Google Has Reported over 8,000 Improvements To its search algorithms. SEO is becoming difficult day by day.

With more difficulty, it is time for Startups to search for growth hacks especially if they want to rank their website into the top of Google and drive traffic.

Today in this Step By Step Guide I will explain to you How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Website for Extremely Broad Keyword and Competing with Industry Leaders Without even having a website.

P.S:- This is extremely important for New Emerging Startups Who want to rank for extremely competitive keywords ( Broad Keywords) with no additional cost involved.

Let’s Get Started:-

Step 1:- Identify Your Broad Keywords

This is a very easy step. You must already know what type of keywords you want to rank for. Create a Google Sheet of All your Broad and Medium Keywords That You want to Rank for along with the monthly search volume.

To get monthly search volume, there are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Go to Google Keyword Planner and plug in your keywords. If you have an active Google Ads Account You can find the average monthly volume.
  • Another way you can find is head over to Ubersuggest. Put in Your keyword and You can export all the metrics with real ease. ( Ubersuggest is totally free of cost. This is the tool that is going to help you to rank for broader keywords. Just note this tool somewhere)
  • There are a couple of Paid tools like Semrush and Ahrefs where you can find the same.

Step 2:- Head over to Ubersuggest

Here comes the real deal.

You will need to make a list of all the websites where you can write an article/post.

Here are some of the Top Websites Having Extremely High DA that lets you write article/posts are:-

  • Top Forums Related To Your Industry/Niche.


These are some of the top websites that let you write articles/posts. There can be other websites related to your industry/niche. You need to research on that. But Medium comes really on the Top ( Personal Recommendation)

Now type inside Ubersuggest!

You will see something like this.

ubersuggest stats for medium website

Now click on Organic Keywords.

This will give you a list of all the top organic keywords that is ranking for in Google SERPs.

This is what it will look like. I want you to keep an eye on Volume, Position, and Estimated Visits.


You can see these broad keywords getting around 16.6m to 37m searches in the United States. Look at the estimated visits for the keyword net fic. It is around 2.7m.

That’s gold.

This means that there is a medium article in Top 10 Results for that keyword which is getting around 2.7 million estimated visits.

Do you see that?

Now we are getting into the real deal.

There is one small tedious process here. If you Click export to CSV, you will only get the results till what you have scrolled. You need to scroll down till the very end until the list ends or until your volume gets low.

After you are done scrolling down, Export To CSV. You can either do your analysis into Excel or Google Sheets. I prefer Google Sheets.

Step 3:- Filtering Out Relevant Keywords.

After you are done exporting the file and copying it into Google Sheets. Create a filter.

Search for your relevant keyword. If you find a keyword, you just hit a great jackpot.

Now pick that keyword. Do a simple google search. You will find a medium article in the top 10.

I want you to analyze the medium article and see how it is written.

Analyze what are some missing points or anything that you think that you might add some more information that can add value to the topic.

Step 4:- Writing an In-depth Article/Post on Medium ( Or any website that Accepts Article/Post)

Now your work will be to write an In-depth Article/Post on the website that you just typed in into ubersuggest.

You will write for the keyword you filtered out in Step 3. I want you to write an In-depth Article.

Much like a Pillar Article.

Most Important:- SEO Optimized Article/Post that Satisfies the User Intent.

After you write the SEO optimized and In-depth Article, its time to get some more traction. You won’t need to do any normal Off-page.

Because that’s the beauty of these websites.

Medium is a very high traffic website with extremely high DA. You just need to get some traction.

To get more traction on Medium, there is another guide that I will try to write. Some other time maybe. You can search on Google on How to get more views and traction on Medium.

Pro Tip:- After writing the article, don’t forget to put your main website link to drive traffic. Because thats what we want. You will want to leverage the traffic thats pouring in.

Step 5:- Replicate the same process for other websites

Now you can replicate the same process mentioned above for other websites.

Indiehackers is another great website you can try this out.

Reddit is another super powerful website to do this.

Oh, and How can you forget Quora! This method is extremely powerful for Quora too. It will drive long term traffic to your Quora Answer if it is ranking on the Top.

Final Thoughts

Now You Know How You Can Rank For Extremely Competitive Keywords without pouring a single cost from your pockets.

But I don’t want you to rely solely on these websites. You don’t have to stop your content marketing process for your main website.

Before Going, I want you to give a final tip. Try not to have duplicate content. Both on your website and these websites.

Otherwise, Google will have a hard time ranking for these URLs. That’s where the canonical tags come into the picture. Properly use the canonical tags wherever possible. Medium has an exclusive option to provide a rel=canonical tag.

Let me know in the comments below How You Think of this Unknown Yet Extremely Effective Ranking Guide.

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Tejas Rane

Tejas Rane is the Author of 7 Effective Job Search Strategies. His aim is to help Indian Youth Get Job Offers Through Smart Ways. A Digital Marketer by Profession, Computer Engineer & has a keen interest in Personal Finance. His Idol is Warren Buffet & Ray Dalio. Find him on Twitter( @tejas3732)