How to Rank Articles for New Website Without Spending a Single Dollar!

How to Rank Articles for New Website Without Spending a Single Dollar!

If you are having a new website and having a difficult time ranking your articles, then this guide is for you. Presenting the Definitive Guide on How to Rank Articles for New Websites Without Spending a Single Dollar!

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✅ Step 1:- Go to Ubersuggest. Type your broad keyword into the keyword overview tool.


✅ Step 2:- Go to all keyword ideas. Scroll down as far as possible. Now Export all the keywords


✅ Step 3:- You will find all the broad and long-tail keywords in that excel sheet.


✅ Step 4:- Check keywords who are having low domain scores. These are the keywords you can rank easily.


✅ Step 5:- To double-check with Moz, Install mozbar, type your selected long-tail keyword from excel into google.


✅ Step 6:- Now if there are websites in the top 30 which are having Domain authority less than 20. I guarantee you will start ranking in the top 30 very easily.


✅ Step 7:- Even getting in top 10 is easy for these keywords, but if you aren’t in top10, Step up your internal linking and backlink game.


✅ Step 8:- To check more competition, just google your long-tail keyword and check how many articles are relevant to that keyword. If only 6-7 articles are relevant and rest are nonrelevant, that means you can come in the top 10 quite easily.


✅ Step 9:- While writing articles, do strong on-page SEO. Start with the Skyscraper Technique and write with relevancy. You can rank these keywords without a single backlink.

Final Thoughts

Using this strategy, I guarantee you, you will be able to rank new articles on your website pretty easily. But apart from that, you need to up your content and relevancy. Ofcourse, you also need to do proper on-page SEO. For such long-tail keywords, On-page Seo matters the most.

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