I will list down some resources that can make your life easier 


This is one of the best online tools available to create high-quality social media posts or graphics. The best thing about Canva is it is absolutely free of cost and you can download your graphics innumerable times.

Some of the most important things you can make from Canva are:-

  1. Resume
  2. Infographics for Pinterest
  3. Facebook Cover, Post, Story, Ad
  4. Instagram Post, Story
  5. Pinterest Graphic 
  6. Twitter Header, Post
  7. LinkedIn Banner
  8. Logo.

There are many things apart from these. You can check out the official website here – Canva


This is also one of the quick and easy graphic design software. Here there are some additional features apart from what Canva provides such as:-

  1. Youtube Thumbnails
  2. Blog Featured Image ( Very useful for Bloggers)
  3. Twitch Banner
  4. Email Header
  5. Infographics

I have just listed some important features that you might like. There are many features apart from this too. You can check it out here – Snappa

In Snappa, you can only download 5 images in one month only for a free version, but ofcourse you can upgrade at any time to avail all the benefits.

But I will give you a little free trick by which you can download as many times as you want but it’s little time consuming but worthy of all efforts. That is you can use the temporary mail address generator to create an account and log in as and when you are finished with the limit of 5 downloads per month.


Its one of the best tool if you make grammar mistakes often. It is very useful when you write a blog or a very important email. It will also give you suggestions about correcting the mistakes while writing.

Grammarly can surely make your life whole lot easier.

You can check out Grammarly here.


This is an online website where you can learn literally anything that you want. Not literally ( haha) but many things that you might want to learn but don’t know where to learn from.

You can learn anything from Developing websites, upgrading your technical skills, Business Development, Marketing, Personal Development, Design, Lifestyle, Photography, Health and Fitness, Teacher Training, Music, Academics, Language and Test Preparations.

If you want to know more, then check out there website here – Udemy

These are some of the Resources I think it might be helpful to you. I will be constantly updating this page and adding more resources as and when I explore.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you share this content so that you can make someone’s life easier with these free tools.