How to Tackle Frustration During Job Search & Stay Patient!

How to Tackle Frustration During Job Search & Stay Patient!

Yes, I know its Frustrating. Job Search is an extremely draining process. It’s an Impatient Process. Desperation kicks in. But it is very important to stay cool and patient during this period. And Don’t worry! I am going to share some proven steps and techniques to Tackle Frustration during the Job Search and Stay Patient during the same.

You with me?

Let’s get started! Should we?

Top 6 Tips to Tackle Frustration During Job Search!

1. Get up at 5.00 am to 6.00 am in the Morning and Go for a walk

Getting up early is very important during Job Search. You don’t want to be lazy. Laziness is a very bad habit and once it is inculcated inside you it takes time to remove this habit.

So the point here is, you need to wake up early in the morning and go for a quick walk of 30-40 minutes.


You need positive energy for the whole day! And to get that energy rushing in inside your body, you need to have yourself getting into some physical activity. I will also get to Yoga/Gym/Workout on the next point.

So to maintain some physical activity and to get some positive vibes, go for a quick morning walk. It will literally keep you positive and in a good mood for the whole day. And This is very important for any job search process. You need to be in a good mood no matter what is happening around you.

2. After Morning walk, Workout!

After you come from that 30-40 minutes of fresh walk, you gotta workout. Whatever the workout is, do it. May it be Yoga or into the GYM. Doesn’t Matter. Just Workout for 30 minutes.

I am not going to give any opinions about YOGA or GYM. Do whatever you like to do. But Just Workout for 30 minutes.

Again the point here is physical activity and the positive electrical signals that are generated during the workout. Very important for the day!

3. Drink Enough Water in the morning to Stimulate your Brain

Water!!! The Underestimated Arsenal that can keep you active during the day.

We really don’t give much importance to water that we are so engrossed in our job search.

But the water really does a very important role!

You are going to have an intensive job search process during the day, so you have to make sure you have ample water intake throughout the day! Make sure you have 1-2 bottles of water beside you!

Keep drinking water in between. 

You must be wondering till now, are these factors really would help me tackle frustration during the job search?

The answer is Yes! Because more than mental it’s also about physical factors that keep you frustrated during this period.

I will also come to the mental factors and describe you in detail as to how you should go with and tackle the same. Be with me!

It really is going to be really valuable and you can start applying these tips right from today!

4. Don’t Overthink!

Overthinking is a big problem nowadays! I myself used to overthink a lot and I have let go off with this overthinking habit!

We think too much about our actions. After giving an interview or after applying for any job, we think too much! We think if we could get the job or not? Will the HR reply to me or not? Will I get this opportunity again or not?

Don’t overthink this much! There will always be an opportunity coming your way. If one opportunity goes, other opportunities will come. You just have to be patient with yourselves. Just give some time, time!

Remember the Law of Relativity!

law of relativity

5. Don’t be afraid of Rejections!

Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. We never lose. If you are getting rejected, you learned something. You learned about the process. You learned about the skills required. Now you can brush up and develop the skills you are lacking. Take everything positively. Let the rejection be the motivation for your next opportunity.

  • Don’t take rejection personally
  • Focus on the positive and Learn from the Negative
  • Focus on your Goals
  • Seek Support

Seeking support means talk to your close friends and families. Maybe they could help you out in something. REJECTION (REFLECTION) can be a BLESSING in disguise!!!

6. Explore more of LinkedIn and Less of Instagram!

This point is super important for all those who are frustrated with your job search!

Instagram can really be a demotivation during this period. Simply because you see people enjoying their lives, posting photos of their corporate life and you are still here.

Avoid Instagram for some time. Just believe that your time will come. Sometimes it takes time for great things to happen in life. Instead, explore LinkedIn and help your connections. Helping can give you a sense of achievement. That’s what I am trying to do here. I simply want to help and provide value. Do the same thing.

Besides that, there are tons of opportunities on LinkedIn for all the job seekers out there. Make your profile optimized for LinkedIn and start connecting with relevant people on LinkedIn. You don’t know the power of LinkedIn yet if you aren’t using LinkedIn.

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I hope you will consider all the above points in your mind during your job search so that you don’t have to lose your patience and courage during the same.

Remember that everyone is in their own time frame. You are in your time frame.

Stop comparing your life with others. Just concentrate on what you have and what you want to become and ignore the noise around you. You will be good to go.

Implement all the steps and Let me know if you have queries regarding your Job Search! Although you won’t have any query if you read my entire guide which has all the answers in it.

Even if you have, you can connect with me on LinkedIn (

Make sure you share this blog with all your friends and let them know as well as to how to tackle frustration during Job Search & Stay Patient.

Have a good time ahead! Bye till then 🙂

Tejas Rane

Tejas Rane is the Author of 7 Effective Job Search Strategies. His aim is to help Indian Youth Get Job Offers Through Smart Ways. A Digital Marketer by Profession, Computer Engineer & has a keen interest in Personal Finance. His Idol is Warren Buffet & Ray Dalio. Find him on Twitter( @tejas3732)