List of 100 YouTube Channel Content Ideas/Niches To Get Started

List of 100 YouTube Channel Content Ideas/Niches To Get Started

If you are confused or don’t know where to start off your Youtube career, you have come to the right place! Youtube is vast and there are already thousands of creators crowding in daily. In this article, I will be helping you to start off your next youtube channel by listing out some of the best Youtube Channel Ideas/Niches That You can start Right Away!

Here is the Ultimate List of the Youtube Channel Content Ideas/Niches that you can start and get the ball rolling.

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List of New Youtube Channel Content Ideas/Niches [ 2020 & 2021 Beyond]

#Tech YouTube Channels

1. Mobile Reviews YouTube Channel

You can create a youtube channel wherein you will review mobiles. To review any mobile, you must have certain knowledge about RAM Management, Hardware Specifications, Softwares, OS (Operating System, Build Quality and So on).

Some famous YouTubers in this category are:-

  • Marquees Brownlee
  • Unbox Therapy
  • Dave Lee
  • Linus Tech Tips
  • The Verge

2. Laptop/PC Reviews YouTube Channel

Laptop/PC Review YouTube channels are also very successful. Many people before buying any laptop/PC look for reviews and there you go. You have the targeted audience right before you. Again know the gadget you are reviewing inside out before uploading any video. Watch some youtube channels in this niche to get an idea.

Some Famous Youtubers in this Category are:-

  • Linus Tech Tips
  • Austin Evans
  • Paul’s Hardware
  • Dave Lee

3. Gadget Reviews YouTube Channel

This is the kind of youtube channel in which there will be reviews of any electronic gadget that is up in the market. One Best Youtube Channel in this niche is Unbox Therapy. Some of his reviews include Solar Powered Smartphones, Robots, Gaming PCs, Airpods, Keyboards, Smart Bands, DIY Jackets, Wifi Routers, VR Goggles, etc and the list goes on and on.

You get the idea right?

If you are still confused, go to “” and search for “Top Gadgets under $5“.( Insert whatever price you want). You will get tons of ideas from there. Here’s one of the examples.

Top gadgets under $10
Source:- Amazon

As you can see, there are many categories on the left-hand side. Filter it out according to your likes.

Pro Tip:- If you want to know how many people are searching for that particular query i.e “gadgets under $10”, Go to Google Chrome Store, Search and Install “Keywords everywhere” Plugin.

Now whenever you search in Google, Youtube or Amazon, there will be statistics of that query as to how many people are searching for it.

Here’s how it looks like:-

Keywords Everywhere Plugin Stats
Query Stats using Keywords Everywhere Plugin

As you can see, for the query “gadgets under $10” we have 90 searches per month.


Your next youtube video in this niche can be like this:-

  1. 5 Awesome Wireless Buds That are worth trying out.
  2. 10 Gadgets Everyone Should Have to make life easier
  3. 5 Useful Tech Gadgets That you will not regret buying.

4. Trending Technologies YouTube Channel

You can also start a youtube channel wherein you can explain different technological concepts and their use cases. There is a huge potential in such types of channels.

For example:- You explain about Blockchain and then explain its various use cases in our society.

To gain insights into the latest technological trends there are many websites that you can stay updated with. Some of the websites that you should know to stay updated are:-

  • (Singularity University)

5. Future Technologies Channel

In this category, your job will be to create a YouTube Channel that focuses on the future of our technology. Let me make this simple for you by taking some examples.

In this niche, you can create youtube videos that tell something like

This is how the future will look like in 2050” or “This Technology will revolutionize the world in the next 30 years” or “Top Future Transportation System Ideas That will blow your mind” or “This technology will disrupt the banking system forever“(Blockchain) or “The World in 2100

Got the idea, Right?

This is the type of content that can go viral in hours. It’s exciting too, isn’t it?

#Reaction YouTube Channels


6. Movie/Tv Series Reaction Channels

Basically, this is the type of channel wherein you will just react to movie trailers, movie scenes, tv-series trailers, tv episodes. Before making any reaction video you must take into consideration the popularity of that movie or tv series.

If that movie is not that popular and you just react to it and upload it on youtube, No one is going to watch it, right?

Let me clear this point by giving you one example.

As I am writing this piece, there is a movie called “Bohemian Rhapsody” which was and is very popular on Youtube in terms of reaction channels. By the time the film was released, many YouTubers started reacting to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and it quickly went viral.

One of the reaction videos included “Elders React to Bohemian Rhapsody“.

Now, this generates curiosity among the users as to how the elders will react to this kind of movie as the song itself was from their generation.

Another factor to consider while creating a reaction channel is your target country.

If you are doing it in English, then the USA and India would be your target country! Why?

Total English SpeakersTotal Internet UsersEntertainment Market Industry
USA- 268MIndia- 391MBollywood- 1000 Films per year
India- 125MUSA- 245MHollywood- 500 Films per year

One of the best examples is this youtube channel:- Jaby Koay

This channel reacts to almost all Indian Movie Trailers and Indian Youtubers Video.

movie reaction channel
Source:- Youtube

7. Reacting To Popular Youtubers

This is a very funny idea for your youtube channel but it works well. What happens here is Popular Youtubers make videos. The “Not So Popular and Beginners” make reaction videos on them and Again what happens is that if that popular Youtuber comes to know that someone is reacting to my video and uploading them on youtube, that YouTuber creates another video reacting to it.

Sounds Funny, Right?

Here’s one example of it:-

youtubers react to pewdiepie
Source:- Youtube

Have a look at the Title of the second video- Azzyland reacts to Pewdiepie reacting to Azzyland

That’s what I was trying to tell you above!

8. Reacting to Musically/Tik Tok Videos

This type of Youtube Channel is very popular among musically lovers. There are more than 300 million users on musically. So you can imagine the amount of content-generating from over 300 million users.

You just have to analyze popular content and make a reaction video channel dedicated to musically.

9. Reacting to Korean Drama

Korean Drama is nothing but a TV series in the Korean Language produced in South Korea. It is highly popular in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, North America, Europe, India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia.

You can expect a lot of traffic from around the world reacting to Korean Tv Series.

10. Reacting to Memes/Vines

A popular Channel idea for Youtube is reacting to memes or vines. You can check out 9gag and Reddit for trending memes and then, later on, upload reaction video for the same.

You must remain updated with the latest meme trends particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

11. Generic Reaction Channel

What this means is that you can upload relevant reaction videos on your same youtube channel. Basically making a playlist category for each different type. By doing this you will also get more content and views for your channel.

Still, Confused?

Have a look at the below Screenshot. It mixes up all kinds of reaction videos into their channels.

Reaction videos
Source:- Youtube

#Vlogging Channel On YouTube


12. Vlogging

Very Famous among Youtubers. Vlogging basically means creating videos of your own lifestyle, your daily routine, your likes and dislikes, your hobby or whatever it may be in video format.  You have to make yourself a brand. People will then definitely come to your channel to see what you are up to. Most Famous Vloggers around the World Include:-

  • David Dobrik
  • Casey Neistat
  • Logan Paul Vlogs
  • Mo Vlogs
  • Liza Koshy
  • Mumbaikar Nikhil

It would be very difficult to list all of them as there are thousands of vloggers on youtube. They also earn quite a good amount of money from Youtube.

Want to learn more about Vlogging? Read How to Be a Vlogger: 13 Steps

13. Fitness Vlogs

Such type of channel will give advice, guides, and tutorials on how to become a fit person or to say a healthy person. You may also give out Diet tips as an add-on.

It may contain ideas about how to lose weight or Strength Building or Healthy Eating.

Fitness Vlogs is also one of the most popular content ideas for your next Youtube Channel because of the fact that Fitness is an evergreen subject.

14. Fertility Vlogs

In this type of Vlog, couples track their fertility journey onto a vlog. Do a Youtube search on Fertility Vlogs and you will get a ton of ideas as to how the vlog is executed.

Here’s what Fertility Vlogs look like.

Types of Fertility Vlogs
Source:- Youtube

15. Day in the Life Vlogs

This is a very simple way of vlogging. You just capture your Day or your Week’s activities into a Vlog.

16. Travel Vlogs

The Most Popular type of Youtube Video you can find is Travel Vlogs. It basically means documenting amazing travel adventures. One important benefit of Travel Vloggers is that the Tourism Boards approach you to make travel videos and sponsor your trips.

What they get in return is a Good Image of the destination among the travelers. It is, therefore, a win-win situation for both sides

17. Entrepreneurship Vlogs

Basically, Entrepreneurship Vlogs aims to depict the journey of their entrepreneurship life, their success, and failures. You can also give great advice to young people who want to be an entrepreneur through your vlogs.


#Gaming YouTube Channels


18. Gaming Videos


Adult Competition in Gaming
Photo by Jamie McInall from Pexels


How about playing your favorite Game and earning money through it? Sounds Cool, Right?

It could not get any better than this! Gaming Industry on Youtube is multi-million dollar Business. What you have to do is live stream your gaming video on Youtube or Just Play any Popular Game and then Upload it on Youtube.

Want to Get Inspired more? Heard name called Pewdiepie?

He earns nearly $12 Million per year from Youtube and $42 Million Dollar from Merchandise Earnings according to Social Blade.

He is also the most subscribed Youtube channel individually.

[bctt tweet=”Pewdiepie is the Highest Subscribed Individual Channel in Youtube History” username=”unveilmycareer”]

19. Gaming News YouTube Channel

How about talking about the latest Games or soon to be released Games. You can also review and talk about whether or not one should Buy the Game or Not. Gaming News also includes any future updates or any bug that the game has.

Gameranx is one such Youtube Channel in this Category

20. Walkthrough Videos Channel

Walkthrough videos can be called as a Guide. It will help people to make it easy to pass certain missions or challenges inside the game that are too difficult to pass. Commentating along with the gameplay will connect your audience with you.

21. Speedrun Videos Channel

Speedrun videos are nothing but gameplays done as fast as possible. Some of the Games takes too much time to complete the mission. It’s a way of getting to the Game’s end Quickly.

22. Gaming Trivia Videos Channel

Gaming Trivia means a competition or Question and Answer Session wherein we ask questions about interesting facts related to the game.

For Example:– In which country was the Nintendo Found?

We can ask these types of questions and generally make a Gaming Trivia Channel for a lot of games around.

23. Gaming Setup Channel

Gaming Setup is very important for all the Gamers out there. So why not show Gaming Setup Tour and review each of the equipment and tell the audience what to buy and what not to.

24. All-in-One Gaming Channel

All-in-One Gaming Channel will combine all the types we mentioned above in a single Youtube Channel.

Instead of bifurcating your target audience into different channels, why not show them everything under one roof in this channel. Right from Gameplays, Walkthroughs, Speedruns, Game Reviews, Gaming Setup Tours, Gaming Trivia Videos, etc.

#How To & Style Channels


25. How-to Videos on YouTube

How to Tutorials are one of the most popular categories in Youtube. This can be anything from how to make a Chocolate Cake or  How to make homemade pizza.

Izabela Stress is one striking youtube channel in this category. She makes DIY Slimes ( How-to-Guide) in her youtube videos.

DIY Slime youtube channel content idea
Source:- Youtube

26. Style YouTube Channels

This type of youtube channel covers How to look Good, How to Build Confidence, How to dress well and so on. This can be further categorized into:-

  • Men’s Styling Channel
  • Women’s Styling Channel.

Real Men Real Style is one of the Styling Channels for Men

27. LifeHack YouTube Channels

Sometimes we don’t know that any task that we perform daily can be done very easily and efficiently doing another technique and that’s what Lifehacks teach use. Most of the times we are confused about what to do when we are in day to day problems and LifeHack Videos can simply give us a better solution to ease our problem.

Some of the lifehack video ideas are:-

  • How to fix appliances at home
  • How to develop memory
  • Beauty Hacks
  • Food Hacks

And the list goes on and on…………

28. Luxury Life YouTube Channel

Are you already living a luxurious life? Why not teach and motivate others on how to lead a luxurious life, creatively and beautifully! Luxury Life Channel can have contents like fashion trends, millionaire lifestyle, beauty, travel goals, personal development and so on.

29. Beauty YouTube Channels

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian Novelist once said,

“Beauty Will Save The World!”

In Beauty Channels you can explain the art of makeup and give recommendations about any beauty/cosmetic products that you use.

30. Jewelry YouTube Channels

Some of you may like to have lots of jewelry which can be earrings, pendants, rings, stones, pearls, bracelets, necklaces, chains, etc. Why not exhibit them onto a Youtube Channel? If you like doing a DIY in this category, you can do that too.

31. Tattoo YouTube Channels

Do you love to design and create tattoos? Why not make a Youtube Channel where you showcase your tattooing skills to the world!

#DIY YouTube Channels


32. DIY YouTube Videos

Maybe you have a hobby of making Christmas Gifts or Decor Ideas for your Home or any Life Hack that makes life easier. You can make it a tutorial and create a DIY Channel on Youtube. Such Videos are extremely popular on Youtube given the fact that almost many people search for ideas related to DIY.

Diy videos
Source:- Youtube

Below are some of the DIY Video Channels You can make separately. Almost Every DIY Category listed Below have great demand on Youtube.

33. DIY Crafts Videos

34. DIY Room Decor Videos

35. DIY School Supplies Videos

36. DIY Clothes Videos

37. DIY Barbie shoe Videos

38. DIY For Christmas Videos

39. DIY For Famous Festivals

40. DIY Ideas for Girls

41. DIY for Kids

42. DIY Woodworking

DIY Woodworking basically means designing and building your own stuff using woods like wardrobes, cabinets, tables, chairs, carts, stands, dressers, dispensers, etc

#Hobby Based YouTube Channels


43. Aquarium Hobby YouTube Channel

How about converting your knowledge of Building Aquarium into a Youtube Channel? You can create a Youtube Channel completely dedicated to content related to Aquarium, Fish, Fish Foods, Rocks, Fish Diet, etc.

44. Origami YouTube Channel

Have an interest in Origami Arts? Why not create a Youtube Channel dedicated to Origami Art altogether?

This is one such channel on Youtube.

origami youtube channel
Source:- Youtube

45. Painting YouTube Channel

Do you like doing Painting?  Why not show the world your work on painting and teach them how to paint?

46. Fishing YouTube Channel

Are you an explorer and like to go Fishing? How about creating a Youtube Channel documenting what you do! Fishing Videos are also very popular on Youtube. Must try if you are avid Fishing Fan.

47. Guitar Lesson YouTube Channel

Teach the world guitar lessons and tutorials.

48. Singing YouTube Channel

Love to Sing? How about showing your singing talent to the world through a Youtube Channel!

49. Knitting YouTube Channel

Love Knitting as a Hobby? Make Online Tutorials, Courses and masterclasses about knitting techniques, styles and trends in knitting and upload it on your favourite platform- Youtube.

50. Sewing YouTube Channel

Although Sewing can be considered in the DIY Section too, it can be considered in Hobby Category as well. Many people have a knack of sewing. Why not show the people step-by-step instructions, teaching them how to sew and make their own DIY product using sewing techniques all through Youtube!

51. GeoCaching YouTube Channel

You probably wouldn’t have heard this term called Geocaching. There’s a very little probability to having this as your hobby, but guess what? It can be your next hobby and a youtube channel too.

Geocaching is nothing but adventure vlogs. It is like finding a treasure. What happens is you will use your GPS to find and locate stuff marked at specific locations. You can find that stuff using the Geocaching App.

Interesting right? Download the Geocaching app and see if any geocaches are available in your town or city. I found many in my city 😛

52. Photography YouTube Channel

Expert in Photography? Teach the world how to take awesome photos, strategies and techniques to master photography skills, types of equipment to use and so on.

53. Book Review YouTube Channel

Are you an avid book lover? Make a Book Review Channel on Youtube where you can discuss, share your thoughts, first impressions, take QnA Sessions.

#Comedy & Humour YouTube Channels


54. Stand up Comedy YouTube Channel

Stand up Comedy Channels are getting more and more popular around the globe and certainly on Youtube too.

55. Comedy YouTube Channels

Know how to make funny videos adding a flavor of wit and humor into it? How about making a Comedy Channel then!

56. Pranks YouTube Channel

There are many pranks that you can do and then upload it on Youtube as your next Youtube Channel. It can have Public Pranks, Scare Pranks, Couple Pranks, Money Pranks, Mannequin Pranks, and the list goes on and on.

57. Fails YouTube Channel

Make a compilation of epic fails, the best and the worst fails, stupid stunts, extreme sports went wrong, bloopers and much more into a Grand Youtube Channel covering all the fails.

#Finance YouTube Channels


58. Trading & Investment YouTube Channel

Know how to do stock market trading? Have knowledge about Investment Strategies? Then make a Youtube Channel on Trading or/and Investment and tell the world How to do it!

How to make money videos get a lot of popularity not only around Youtube but also around the Internet. So why not give it a try!

59. Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel

Know anything about Cryptocurrency? Why not make a Crypto channel that gives news, trends, investment strategies, use-cases of cryptocurrency.

60. Personal Finance YouTube Channel

Are you good at money management? Then you can create a Personal Finance Channel exploring all the money management techniques to get that financial freedom.

#Educational YouTube Channels


61. Programming YouTube Channel

Good Video Tutorials for Programming can be a huge benefit, especially for Beginners.

Teaching Programming on Youtube is also one of the good content ideas for Your Next Youtube Channel provided you have knowledge regarding Programming.

62. Hacking YouTube Channel

Know Hacking? Simply upload Hacking Tutorials on Youtube and watch it explode.

63. Marketing YouTube Channel

Be it Sales Marketing or Digital Marketing, you can make your Youtube Channel purely dedicated to teaching Marketing Techniques to your audience.

If you have good knowledge of Digital Marketing, then such Tutorials are very popular on Youtube. Brian Dean Of Backlinko is one such prime example.

64. Subject YouTube Channel

What Subject Channel means that you can create a Youtube Channel on any Topic of the High School or Degree College. Engineering Category is the most popular one on Youtube. There are innumerable topics under Engineering and if you have proper knowledge, you can create a channel around it.

65. Foreign Languages YouTube Channel

If you are passionate about teaching languages, you must create a youtube channel where you can teach the world other languages.

#Cooking YouTube Channels


66. Cooking Recipes YouTube Channel

Believe me or not, but Food Videos just explode on Youtube. It gets millions of views very quickly because we humans like to eat food. And if there is any video that is mouthwatering we couldn’t help ourselves but watch it.

Therefore, Cooking Channel is a great way of starting off your Youtube Career!

67. Desserts YouTube Channel

Video Tutorials on How to make Desserts are also a huge hit! Must try Idea if you love making Desserts.

#Family and Parenting YouTube Channels


68. Family and Parenting YouTube Channel

Share Ideas on Parenting, Family Fun, Family Trips, Family Events, Parenting Tips, Daily Parenting Vlogs and so on.

69. Baby Food and Formula YouTube Channel

Every Parent would like to have their baby grow in a healthy way. Why not make a youtube channel that teaches about nutrition, diets necessary for babies. baby foods and formulas, vitamins needed and parenting tips combined.

70. Pregnancy Health Care YouTube Channel

Know how to deal when Pregnancy is around and want to give out some advice? Start a youtube channel make informational videos related to pregnancy.

#Home and Gardening YouTube Channels


71. Home Decoration and Improvement Channel

Why not give away tips and advice about Home Decoration and How-to-Tutorials on improvement. Explore interior items, fabrics and accessories required for an ideal home. Everything under a Youtube Channel.

72. Gardening Channel

Give Tips and Tricks to build your ideal Garden, plantation ideas, climatic conditions, types of equipment to use while Gardening on your own Youtube Channel.

73. Bonsai Art Channel

If you keep interested in Bonsai Trees or Plants, you may very well start a Youtube Channel and explain step by step how to make one, its tips and tricks, your experiments and so on.

#Health and Fitness YouTube Channel


74. Yoga Channel

You do Yoga, right? Well, its good for your health. How about Teaching Yoga and also make money through it?

Well, create a Youtube Channel and start teaching Yoga Poses, its benefits, and a definitive guide for beginners.

75. Fitness Channel

Make a Fitness Youtube Channel that covers basically every aspect of being fit. For example:- Workouts at Home, Balance Diet, Weight loss, Stress Relief and of course Fitness Tips.

76. BodyBuilding Channel

Make a Bodybuilding Youtube Channel and talk about nutrition, workouts, supplements, diet, body parts, gym machines, etc.

77. Homeopathy Channel

Now unless you have enough knowledge in this field, you can’t do much of it. But if you do have, then you must go out and try Youtube and give proper instructions and advice on Homeopathic medicines and treatments. It basically is treating any diseases using minerals, plants and animals.

78. Natural Home Remedy Channel

We know, that there are natural ways of treating and preventing diseases.

Natural Home Remedy Youtube Channel would suggest natural ways to cure and prevent diseases.

#Relationship YouTube Channels


79. Relationship Advice Channel

Are you passionate about dating and relationships? Then Be a Coach on your own Youtube Channel and give that important piece of advice.

80. Psychology Channel

Talk about Psychology, communications, human behavior, relationships, the human mind, etc.

81. Sex and Romance Channel

Be an online sex educator and spark that excitement. Be a guide and educate the audience on important topics.

#Animals and Pets YouTube Channel


82. Cat Channel

If you love cats and you have a cat as your pet, then why not make a youtube channel revolving around your cat? Cat videos are very, very popular on Youtube.

83. Dog Channel

Basically, the same goes with the Dog too. Dog videos are also very popular.

84. Parrot Channel

Now, many people also have a parrot as their pet. Parrot videos are quite interesting to watch too. You can teach some skills to your parrot and maybe then start a youtube channel around it to get more traction.

We are almost done with the list of content ideas for your next youtube channel. But there are some ideas that I thought would like to share, so here are some of the ideas that are noteworthy.

Some More YouTube Channel Ideas/Topics


85. Things you didn’t Know Channel

86. Cycling Tips Channel

87. Drone Video Channel

88. Astrology Channel

89. Conspiracy Theory Channel

90. Magic Tricks Channel

91. Ghost Hunting Channel

92. Abandoned Places Channel

93. Religion Channel

94. Atheism Discussion/ Debate Channel

95. Documentary Channels

96. Tribute Channels

97. Sports Discussion Channel

98. Celebrity News Channel

99. Politics Channel

100. History/ Geography Channel


Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:-

How do I choose a topic for my YouTube Channel?

If you have passion or hobby in some area, you can start off your Youtube channel in that, otherwise, I have listed around 100 Youtube channel ideas for you.

How Do I Pick up a YouTube Name?

It can be your brand name or anything that people will remember instantly. It can even be related to your category. For Ex: XYZ Vlogs

How do I promote my YouTube Channel?

You can do it by sharing to Facebook Groups of your topic, Run YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Embed your YouTube Video on Quora Answer, Embed YouTube Video on Medium, etc.

How Do I Get More Subscribers?

By Focusing More On Quality Content, Asking People to Subscribe, Making Your Audience Special, Giveaways and by Doing Cross Promotions

Can I Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Yes, You can, but it depends if you are doing it legally. Some freelancers on Fiverr use bots/robots to increase your subscriber counts ( which is illegal) but you can run ads on YouTube and FB and increase your subscriber count.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

According to YouTube Partner Program Requirements, You Need Atleast 1000 Subscribers in order to get paid.


So, We are done listing about 100 Content Ideas for your next Youtube Channel. Each Channel has its own flavor, its own pros, and cons. Now it is up to you to take that important decision.

Youtube is growing Day by Day and it is not surprising that Youtube is the second most popular website in the world. So grab that wonderful opportunity and start your Youtube Channel right away.

Let me know what content idea you have decided to start from? And yes, before going, if you have any suggestions or ideas for youtube channels, comment down below and help those needy.

Share this article with your friends and family and let them know about this Ultimate List of Content Ideas/Niches for their Next Youtube Channel. 

Bookmark this page for future references.

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Happy Youtubing!

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